Rehearsal Dinner at Claddagh Pub

We booked the Claddagh Pub in Mason for the rehearsal dinner.  If you haven’t been there, it’s amazing.  They actually brought Irish builders over to design and show the construction crews how to make the place look like an authentic Irish Pub.  And the Guinness Stew is amazing!


Community Server and w.Bloggar Settings

This is really just for my future reference, but since I had a hard time finding out here are the settings I used for w.Bloggar and Community Server 2.0

API Section

  • Blog Tool/API: (Custom)
  • Account Alias: Ryan @
  • Ping:
  • API Server:
  • Path: /cs/blogs/ryanc/MetaBlog.ashx

Custom Section

  • Posts:: metaWeblog API
  • Categories: metaWeblog API – Single
  • Templates: Blogger API
  • Defaults for everything else

I found the starter for these on the CS MetaBlog API Thread