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Here at my office we deploy new applications all the time to support our business. Each

Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp reflection…

Well the Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp and my presentation have both come and gone. In all, the day was a success, but I was a little disappoint in my session. Nothing in-particular went wrong, but I just never felt we got into a good flow. I feel exhaustion took a toll on my presence, but other than that, I can’t explain it. Maybe Andy Roddick and I have just misplaced our mojo temporarily. We’ll have to see.

Our gracious host Jim Holmes did a fantastic job. He says there were glitches, but I never saw them. I was impressed by the number of sponsors who actually showed up with gifts.

Here are the session I went to before ducking out a bit early to help a friend move… again. Oh the life of a truck owner :/

  1. Python and IronPython by Catherine Devlin
  2. Little nap to make up for no sleep the night before.
  3. Lunch by Microsoft – who would miss that!
  4. Windows Workflow Foundation by Mike Wood

I was pretty impressed with Python and IronPython, though it mostly has to do with the cool embedded interpreter in the presentation tool. I can’t imagine using it for anything other than a toy. WWF was very impressive. A little confounding as it seemed to jump around a lot, but I’m sure that will tighten up a bit. I’ll definitly be using that in the near future.

I’ll have the code from my presentation up on the site soon, so hopefully no-one came running right after the presentation.

Windows Live Mail (Hotmail Kahuna) a work in progress.

As I mentioned yesterday, I received my Windows Live Mail beta invitation and I’ve begun using it full time. It’s definitely a functional beta and I must say it’s much quicker than it’s predecessor, but I’m very glad this is not a completely open beta. It’s pretty unpolished at this point and there are some glaring issues in my opinion. We’ll see how things far in the next update. Here is what I’ve found so far:


  • Allow sender does not show content.
  • New Mail doesn’t appear until you click on or update the folder list
    1. On page 2
    2. Sent email from another account
    3. Windows Live Messenger said I had an email
    4. Paged to page 1 (no new email and count still at 2540)
    5. Page 2 forward to 2 again (no change in count)
    6. Clicked Junk e-mail folder
    7. Inbox went bold and said I had one email
    8. Clicked Inbox (there it was!)
  • The Insert Search Link icon is cut off.

Feature Issues

  • No full screen view of messages!!!
  • Stop trying to be so fancy… Attach a File link rather than stupid drop down. Less is more.
  • Tool bar is very tacky and unorganized. Actions on the email should be together (i.e Send, Save Draft, and Cancel should be next to each other, followed by Attach)
  • Consider using the telerik r.a.d editor… it’s amazing!
  • The folder and mail windows do not scale at all when going above 1024×768. UPDATE: This must have been a temporary thing, because it scales just fine now. Let you know if it happens again.

I’ve sent these via the ginormous Send Feedback image/link on every page. I’m sure I’ll come up with more.

Windows Live Messenger Beta Invites

I have 3 invites left for Windows Live Messenger and so I’ll follow the lead from which I receive my invite. First 3 emails in the comments will receive an invite. I’ll remove your emails shortly there after so you don’t get harvested.