Full Speed Ahead!

The last few years have been pretty intense in my career.  I’ve never been one to sit idle, but I’ve pushed it pretty hard.  I’m pretty happy with the course it’s run.  A few exceptions, sure, but who bats 1000?

Over that time, I’ve taken my experiences on awesome teams and tried to spread the love as a Professional Scrum Trainer both in the technical aspects (PSD), the fundamentals (PSF), and the organizational through coaching.  I tried my hand at organizing conferences like Cincy Day of Agile and Southwest Ohio GiveCamp with other awesome community members.  I started Cincy Clean Coders (soon to spread to Dayton, shhh) and organized a Code Retreat with the awesome Mark Haskamp.  Interwoven in all of that is about a presentation per month and normal client duties.

Not sure how my wife survived it 🙂

The clear theme in all of that is teaching or, at least, the distribution of shoddy advise.  It’s certainly something I feel confident in and have had some success doing.  I highly recommend everyone make it a focus for some period in their life.  It’s had a significant impact.

Some get into technical teaching as an end goal.  It’s a challenging, dynamic, and worthy objective.  It is not an end game for me.  It’s a skill.  Providing answers is easy, guiding and enabling is really hard.  So hard that the vast majority of leaders, those paid many hundreds of thousands & millions of dollars are terribly inept in the art.

Big News!

A few months ago my wife and I found out that our plans for a 3rd infliction on this world would instead be both 3 and 4.  Yes, twins.  Someone told me shortly after finding out “if you want to hear God laugh, tell him1 your plans.” 

With this amazing and scary news, some lofty personal objectives for this year needed adjusting.  Certainly a big year, but different.

I fully anticipate making a dent in this universe.  I’ve experienced the power of self-organization on certain scales and I look forward to bringing to play industrial democracy in a powerful way in the not to distant future.  I hope this is a significant learning experience and step towards larger goals when it does finally happen.


In the mean time, I expect and challenge myself each day to impart on my children the skills, experiences, attitudes, and dreams to make their own dent.  This is my most difficult challenge and it will take even more effort next year.

As part of this shifting focus, I will be leaving Cardinal Solutions.  While a pretty tumultuous experiment, I hope I was able to enhance the team on par with the experience I was looking for and partially found. 

So starting today I join crazy smart dudes Steve Gentile and Derek Hubbard at the new local office of Applied Information Sciences.  This gets me much closer to home much more often.  I’ll have a chance to ship some amazing things like their recent Vogue Archive and I can get back to teaching in the context of shipping a bit more frequently.  Anything else is simply not worth the effort.

I still expect to be involved with Scrum.org, but I will likely not be providing much formal, external training. I expect to bring this to AIS as time progresses and I get better footing.

I look forward to putting to the test and good use the empowerment and entrepreneurial spirit AIS offers and expects of their people.  I certainly feel that having a long debate with AIS President Tom O’Connell during my interview had a big impact on my decision to join AIS.



1 While I have no proof, through observing the behavior of the men and women in my family on Sunday’s I’ve come to the conclusion that God most certainly is male.

4 Replies to “Full Speed Ahead!”

  1. Change is constant and inevitable, as you know better than most. I’m sure this will be just as an exciting move as all the rest. I bet those guys are down right estatic to have you on their team. I know I would be (and am :)!
    Hope this new adventure is awesome!


    1. Thank you sir!  Now move a little north and come join us 😛


  2. Congratulations.


  3. Welcome to AIS! It’s great to have you here. Hopefully, one day I can catch up with all of the great people in Dayton.

    Arsalan – AIS @ Columbia, MD


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