New Year Indeed

It has been quite a New Year so far.  As of today, Monday January 14th 2008, I have left Speedway and the Speedy Rewards™ team and found new employment with SDS Consulting and I have new eyes courtesy of Lasik Plus of Dayton.  I’d say that’s a fairly ambitious first two weeks.

I’m still working on my side project, hoping to have it completed in the next few weeks or so.  I lost focus with all the holiday excitement, but I’ve picked back up again. 

I’ll also be giving another WPF presentation for the Dayton .Net Developers Group.  This one will be more in-depth than my CONDG presentation which focused on some of the basics of templates, styles, and binding.  One of the big spots in this new version of the presentation will be implementing the MVC pattern within WPF.  Very cool.

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