Traits of a Build and Deployment Pipeline

I believe that a team's release cadence has an incredible impact on their success and enjoyment. I wrote a little about the traits that make up a successful build and deploy pipeline for our team at Sparkbox.

Making the Leap to Tech Lead

Building a healthy, sustainable development organization involves defining technical leadership. In 2019, I shared my thoughts on the tech lead role at the Solidus conference in Utah. Shortly after, I hiked City Creek Canyon and fell in love with the area.

The WPF Mindset

WPF is awesome, but it requires the developer to make a pretty big shift in their thinking of UI. I’ve had a hard time explaining this to people, but last week, I had an opportunity to work through an example with Steve Gentile. That’s the basis of this walkthrough.

Cool Tech Thing

Watchtower has me excited for a Heroku for Docker. This is a big deal if you know how I feel about deploy pipelines.