Hello Sparkbox!

sb-logo-buildright-darkBack when I started Cincy Clean Coders, it felt like the Dayton community was nearly nonexistent.  It seemed like I needed to head down to the big city to attract a community of Clean Coders.

Fast forward 2 years… the Cincy group has stopped meeting, Dayton Clean Coders is going strong (with a bad-ass logo), an Elixir Group is forming, and GemCityJS is growing.  There’s Build Guild and others as well.  The Dayton tech scene is thriving!

It turns out the people at the center of making much of this happen are also doing great things for the web at Sparkbox by leading the world in responsive web design.

Starting next week I’m excited to join the awesome Sparkbox team, focusing hard on making the web and Dayton community an even more amazing place!

Between the platform shift to open source, Ruby, Rails, etc. and the challenge of working with some of the most passion devs I’ve met, this looks to be an exciting challenge just to keep up!

Microsoft ALM & MVP Community

This move likely means stepping away from the Microsoft ALM & MVP community.  These have been some of the most passionate and hard working people I’ve met.  They give an immense amount of their time towards helping build great software.

While TFS has it’s fair share of critics, they’re moving in a great direction, fast. And with a leader like Brian Harry making comments like this in private email lists…

I’m not horribly worried about being copied.  If we can make the whole world provide better services, I’m happy.


…I have no doubt that set of tools will be in a great place in the coming years.

5 Replies to “Hello Sparkbox!”

  1. So excited to have you on board!


  2. Yes, definitely looking forward to it, Ryan!


  3. Congrats Ryan…good luck and hope you enjoy your shift to open source.


  4. I’m excited for you – I know you are passionate about what you do – you’ll be a good fit there!


  5. Great post. I very much agree with you that the Dayton tech scene is thriving. I’m excited to be a part of it and contribute. Thanks for taking the time to speak tonight at the web developers meetup.


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