Lightning Talk: Experiences with Feature Focused Apps Face-to-Face Gatherings

The weekend prior to Agile 2012, hosted a face-to-face gathering of trainers.  These are a mandatory part of being a trainer and it’s a great time.  These are bright and passionate people that really want to make the world of software development better. 

This year as part of the face-to-face meetings, trainers are being asked to present a lightning talk on a topic they are passionate about.  There was everything from Organizational Amnesia (great!) and a Tasty Cupcakes game from Don McGreal.  In all, I think it was the best part of the gathering.

My Talk

For my part, I presented on my experiences this year building what I’ve been calling Feature Focused Apps.  My plan is to continue expanding this talk and the posts that go with it throughout the year.  I’ll be taking it on the road to user groups and CodeMash in January.

I’d love your thoughts on the topic and what you’d like to understand more.  I’ve been negligent in my posts on the topic, but in due time…


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