Visual Studio 2012 Quick Launch is Awesome!

Those who know have coded with me have felt the soul crushing comments whenever they touch a mouse.  It. Must. Die.  For coders at least.  Visual Studio hasn’t always made that easy.  Visual Studio 2012 is here to help with the new Quick Launch feature. (VsVim will help too, but in due time).

Quick Launch is found in what used to be the window chrome.


Stop that!  Don’t go mousing up there just yet.  It quite blaringly asks you to hit CTRL+Q.  Just do it.  Now type ‘Keyboard’

Holy frick!  It took us into a section of the Tools –> Options dialog.  That’s a deep link if ever one existed.image


Open to all comers

What if we search for ‘gist’?


Yeah, that’s my Gister VS Extension.  I didn’t have to do anything to play in the sandbox.  Resharper refactorings, TestDriven.Net, and Telerik’s tools all show up side-by-side commands like the new backed in Continuous Test Runner.


Make your own keyboard combos

Also notice that the respective keyboard combos are called out clearly.  If you find yourself using Quick Launch often for the same command, setup a specific shortcut.



Note that Quick Launch is context sensitive.  Commands that are not available (i.e. Resharper Rename refactoring in a non-code file) will not appear in the search.