Comparing Github Forks

[Update: Check the comments for even better alternatives from @jasonkarns and @aaronjensen]


For the purposes of this I’m using


> git clone git://

> git remote add plastic git://

> git fetch plastic

> git diff origin/master plastic/master

Comparing branches the same way, just remove the repository reference.  For instance,

git diff master myfeature

  • Also see:

  • Also extremely useful is git diff origin/master...plastic/master 
    (Notice the three dots between the commits.)

    This will show all the work up to and including plastic/master from the point it diverged from origin/master. In essence, ignoring any work that has occurred on origin since they diverged.

  • David

    Can this be done with multiple forks or just one at a time ?

    • cromwellryan

      you mean like a 3-way diff? I’m not sure.