Good Books for the Softer Side of Agile

I was a member of the Agile Engineering panel at the Path to Agility in Columbus, OH yesterday.  It was a great event (if not overcrowded) with some amazing names. 

The panel started quickly down the dreaded TDD path.  You know the one where we proselytize about how everyone’s doing it, you should too, and the world will seamless fall into harmony once you get it.  It’s true, but how many times can you hear it from a talking head.  Good grief.  Go find a pair.

Not too long in a savior came from the back of the room and asked the panel what resources where available that discussed the soft skills of successful agile teams.  Barry jumped on this, because, well, he wrote a book about it!  (I have copy – thanks Improving!).  This monopolized the remainder of the session which was fantastic IMO.  From executive buy in to nasty team members and apairia it was great.

In the end I recall the following books being mentioned for further reading.  I dread buying a Kindle, Nook, etc. because I’ll simply flush my wallet down the toilet when lists like this come up:

    Individuals and Interactions (Barry’s Book)

    Managing Humans

    Passionate Programmer

    Coaching Agile Teams

Go grab a few and share them around the office.  Have some hug sessions and maybe pick up a beer for your pair.