Cincy Clean Coders – Code You Can Show Your Friends

What would a Monday following an Agile conference be without the announcement of a new group focused on quality practices!


I’m happy to announce that Cincy Clean Coders is really going to happen.  Details can be found at, but suffice it to say the inaugural meeting will be held April 7th at 6pm in the Max Train facilities in Mason, Ohio.

Mark Haskamp was strong armed brave enough to offer to go first with me.  I’ll update the site with the topics for the first meeting soon.

Big Thanks to Ernie Stormann and Parag Joshi who helped push this through.  And a big kudos to the rest of Twitter for being excited about a topic like this.  It says a lot about where our industry wants to be.

Help! You might notice I’m not a designer.  If you want to help, we could use a site design that doesn’t compare to notepad in a browser.  Nothing special, just, you know, some other than black on white text.

  • Just use WordPress for your clean code site 🙂 But, actually, I like the notepad minimalist look. That said, glad to see this taking off, sounds great!

  • I’m excited about this, will make every effort to be there. A google group or group might be a nice addition to the website.