Cincinnati Professional Scrum Developer .Net Course (Feb 21st)

[Correction: This is the first for the new year.  This certainly is not the first ever.]

I’m happy to announce that our first Professional Scrum Developer course of 2011 is scheduled for February 21st.  This is a course which practices 5 days of craftsmanship, collaboration, and sustainable pace via the Scrum framework.  Practice is the key to success and there is no better way to build a successful Agile team than to work together, continuously with a coach available to guide you through unfamiliar terrain.

Every team has it’s own happy path to a successful, self-organizing, self-managing Scrum team and it is not an easy one to navigate.  During these 5 days we will experience brown-field product development using Modern Engineering Practices such as TDD, Continuous Integration, Refactoring, and more.  Our case study is an ASP.Net MVC application.

Register for the course with who graciously provides the facility and infrastructure., founded by Ken Schwaber to improve the profession of software development so that developers love their work and our customers love working with developers, describes the Professional Scrum Developer course in detail.  You’ll also find the course syllabus here.

Look forward to seeing you there.