Mission Accomplished: Southwest Ohio GiveCamp

Southwest Ohio GiveCampI think I can speak for all involved with the 2010 Southwest Ohio GiveCamp event this weekend when I say it was a smashing success.


Let’s take it by the numbers:

12 Organizers

10 Charities

65 Volunteers

36 hours –> 1440 hours individually

$144,000 in value delivered

+200 repository commits

Southwest Ohio Give Camp 2010Add to that the time put in to create charity proposals, solution plans, and event planning.  This event was the culmination of passionate people applying themselves wholeheartedly well into the early hours of each day.

There are all kinds of thanks to be passed around.  On behalf of all the charities and organizers I want to thank every volunteer that took time out of their personal life to help deliver an incredible amount of value to organizations committed to wonderful causes.  Certainly we could not have pulled this off without the many sponsors who so graciously donated their wares and services to feed, fund, and thank our volunteers.

A quick look at some of the solutions delivered for our charities over the weekend:






http://esc.schenzcustomdesigns.com (End Slavery Cincinnati)

http://civicgardencenter.org (Volunteer Service Coordination put online)

http://wincincy.probas.co (Foreclosure Prevention Assistance & Upcoming Events

Some of the more momentous tweets from #swogc:

@Muhokie Watching the @swohiogivecamp staff play Left4Dead during some down time. It is amusing. (Yeah, that was me)

@eymiha I have an awesome team – the site is built, rough edges are getting smoothed out, and it just looks great. FTW.

@benvonhandorf The moment of truth approaches… the business has arrived!

@SchwartzE Two new pots of coffee brewing

@mikewo I got SQL Pivot guidance from @chrisbarth1 via live meeting at #swogc. Pretty cool.

@JeetKunDoug @cromwellryan you get your Exchange question answered? I know just enough to be dangerous. (He proceeded to show up and help before I could reply!)

@wam Customer just (excitedly) signed off on our #swogc givecamp project http://www.hamilton-living-water-ministry.org/


Of course, I can’t end without a few pictures of the fam stopping in to see the… err… action:

Southwest Ohio Give Camp 2010 Southwest Ohio Give Camp 2010Southwest Ohio Give Camp 2010 Southwest Ohio Give Camp 2010Southwest Ohio Give Camp 2010

  • Matt Brewer

    Thanks for all your help from the very beginning setting this whole affair up. You were an awesome facilities team lead, keeping me on track when I started getting scattered. Your constant encouragement when we were coming to the deadline for finding the host facility and beyond is what kept me going. I was an honor and a privilege to work with you, sir.

  • Ditto man. It was a blast and I couldn’t have done it without your help. Wouldn’t have been so great without the great find of MUVOALC

  • Ernie

    It was a great experience. I’m very thankful that all the hard work really produced some great results. Everything just went well.

  • You rock dude.