TFS Screencasts – Part 1 – Create a Team Project

One of the projects I’m working on for my company, Strategic Data Systems, is our internal Team Foundation Server 2008 solution.  I’m working with some of the guys who head up our Agile Development Center to make sure things fit well with what they are doing.  It’s been difficult to find overlapping free time, so I have started putting together screencasts to highlight our procedures and what I consider best-practices.  We’ve published written documentation internally, but these are so much more palatable.

These are geared toward our organization in content, but should be generally relevant to anyone interested in TFS.  This particular screencast walks through creating a Team Project and specifying permissions for implementing Scrum roles.

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p.s This is hosted, for free (as in beer), by Silverlight Streaming Services.  It took all of 20 seconds to sign up and 5 minutes to upload the video made with Camtasia.