SQL Reporting Services Unattended Install Documentation Bug

For those that are trying to package and deploy the SQL Reporting Services 2000 Designer tools, there is a little bug in the documentation. It states that in order to include the Reporting Service Books Online feature, you should use the setting RS_BooksOnline_ as an ADDLOCAL parameter value. In fact, the Template.ini and documentation give the example RS_BooksOnline_EN. BUUUUUUT, it really should read RS_BooksOnline_1033. Just a hint in case you run into it, ’cause you’ll have to go looking through MSI logs to find it.

Windows Live Messenger Beta Update

This week the Windows Live group released an update to the Windows Live Messenger Beta (MSN Messenger 8.0). There were a couple of major things with the initial release that I reported and they seem to have been resolved. If you’d like to give it a chance, I have a few new invites that I can give out to those who are interested and I’m sure I’ll receive some more shortly thereafter. Leave your email in the comments and I’ll do my best.