New Year Goals refresh…

Many moons ago I realized I was not a naturally directed individual. That is, I do not organize well without putting forth a deliberate effort. If and when I fail at something I can most often trace it to a lack of task management on my part. I have found that having a simple list has done more for my career and life than just about anything else I can imagine (please stop boiling over with arguments, I’m merely making a point). In a “kill two birds with one post” moment, I wanted to publish my goals refresh which have made their way into my list of things to do:

  • Publish my experiences on learning the IronPython and Scheme languages.
  • Run 9 miles per week.
  • Lift 3x a week.
  • Blog 3 articles a week (bird #2).
  • Play basketball 2x a week.
  • Read 2 books on the Crusades (this currently exists as “find 2 books about the Crusades”).

Now I know what your thinking, “Those certainly appear to be New Year Resolutions, Ryan.” Well they are not – they are goals. They are goals, because aside from the last three items they are unchanged from last week, last month, and all of last year. I prefer to maintain rolling resolutions rather than one time resolutions that are tied to dates. Some of the best advice: “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today”J. A. Spender

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